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Past Life Regression

Many people believe in multiple incarnations, and that our spirits or souls live eternally.  Engaging with other lifetimes can increase our understanding of our soul's purposes and the journey that we are experiencing in the current lifetime. Past Life Regression is deep work that opens up the client's subconscious in this lifetime to reveal what the soul carries in its eternal memory.

Life Between Lives Regression

Over the last several decades, Dr. Michael Newton investigated the work of the soul with his clients.  As a result of his work, he published a number of books on the subject of life in spirit, or as he calls it the Life Between Lives.

Dr. Diana Paque is certified by the Newton Institute to offer Life Between Lives regression.  This deep regression includes and goes beyond past life regression into the realm of spirit between lives.

Work in this Lifetime

What do you want to know about your life? Your challenges and problems? Your relationships? Other questions about life as you know it and what lies beyond?

We offer a variety of tools and services to support you in examining and understanding what you know, what you understand, and what stymies you.


  We are currently doing both in person and online sessions,

and have a screening procedure in place for safety.  We prefer doing in person sessions in El Sobrante

as it is an environment we can control.  In-person sessions are only offered by appointment.

If you have any concerns about our procedures

or about your ability to work in an online environment, please contact us for a free confidential consultation.

Dr. Diana Paque is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Regressionist, and Reiki Master with offices in Lafayette, California. She is a Member of the Newton Institute for Life between Lives and has been trained in the Dr. Michael Newton protocol for LBL regression. Dr. Paque holds sessions by appointment as well in El Sobrante and Sausalito, and works with clients throughout the state in person, via Skype, and over the phone. She also consults and works with organizations at their own locations to promote wellness, productivity, and positive work environments.

Dr Paque has recently been named the Executive Director of the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. In this role, she will oversee the continuing development of this organization that promotes and supports regression services throughout the world.

About Us

There's more to life than what we see with the naked eye or experience on a daily basis.  Hypnotherapy and regression offer deep tools that allow the client to explore the deep subconscious for an understanding of what may be hidden from our conscious minds and thoughts.

We specialize in supporting our clients on these deep journeys within. You may have a number of issues to explore before undertaking regressions into the past.  Dr. Paque will work with you to plan a course of action that best meets your needs.

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