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Quantum Consciousness Journeys

A journey of remembrance: who we really are in all of our dimensions, in all of our magnificence, and in all of our connections to all that is.

For those of us who are choosing to work on the soul level, and shift our awareness paradigm from inside our human self into the expansive

sense of self beyond human form, this work can lead to great insights into the self in connection with consciousness. As with

Life Between Lives journeys, quantum sessions explore the self as the soul with all aspects of the self available right here, right now. Working from the premise that we are beyond time and space, we are able to bring all manifestations of the self into the present which opens the possibility of not only knowing more about ourselves but also healing parts that have been carrying wounding and trauma.

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Dr. Diana Paque has been trained in Quantum Consciousness work by the Institute for Quantum Consciousness.


Learning about what you want to explore and know is an important part of this journey of discovery. Between the intake forms and conversations, the client and the facilitator develop and set intentions for the experience to guide and support first remembering and then knowing who and what we are.

The Journey

This experience relaxes and expands the client into increasing connection with levels of consciousness, beginning with the most familiar in this lifetime, and expanding out in realms.

Quantum consciousness exists in the present - all times, dimensions, lives and realities available now. As the client moves through realms of consciousness, encountering the self in its various forms, the client can gain an increasing knowing of what is and how it relates to the intentions that they have set for the journey.


Following the journey, the client is able to continue to work through the outcomes, learning and knowing in a session with the facilitator. Both the journey itself and the debrief are recorded and provided to the client electronically.

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