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Regression Services

There are a variety of services that we offer under the general heading of Regression. Regression means that we move away from the current orientation of the body and soul in daily activity into an altered state from which one can discover more understanding about one's intentions and issues. All regression services are offered both in-person and online, with recordings made of each session.

Age Regression - doing work in the current lifetime at a past point or points in time.  This can be for uncovering the impact of trauma, for learning about events that now trigger responses or behaviors, or for having greater understanding about something in the past that is a current mystery. More information can be found here.

Past Life Regression - probably the most commonly known form of regression where one is supported in moving into the soul state and the soul moving in time into a past life. More information can be found here.

Between Life Regression - As an adjunct to past life work, one can move to the soul state between this life and the last to understand more on a soul level and to gain insight into issues, contracts with others, life purpose and lessons, and relationships and beyond. More information can be found here.

Quantum Regression - A quantum journey starts from the point of connection to the universal consciousness, and through expansion into one's remembrance of one's knowing , one accesses the soul realm of space without time, where access exists for wisdom, learning, healing, and loving engagement with the self and others. This form of session may happen spontaneously during a past life session, or be entered purposefully as a separate intentional journey.  A purposeful journey begins with setting intentions that can lead through the various realms of consciousness, expanding from the current self, to alternate selves, parallel lives, to other dimensions and ultimately to eternal consciousness. Please contact us for more information about this form of regression.

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