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What are my options for regression services?

All of our services are offered in both in-person and online formats, by appointment. 

In-Person Face-to-Face Session

Face to Face sessions are regularly scheduled and held at several locations - Lafayette, El Sobrante, and Sausalito. Depending on the type of session and the convenience of the client, appointments are booked at the optimal location. Lafayette is a shared space so there is consideration of other activities in the space and the needs for your session. If the space is busy, we will recommend a more quiet location in another location.

Space generally contains comfortable furniture and privacy

Online Face-to-Face Session

Many clients feel very comfortable undertaking sessions from a location in their own environment, particularly if they use online tools like Skype and Zoom for their business interactions. This format allows for recording sessions should the client wish to refer back to them to review the details and work they chose to undertake.

Clients need to consider several things for doing therapy in this format:

  • availability of space where they are able to relax and be uninterrupted during a session
  • comfort level with the therapist so that they feel safe and supported in their sessions
  • comfort level with the technology to be able to ignore it during the session
  • a stable internet connection and hardware that allows for an uninterrupted session

FREE Preliminary Online Assessment Session

If you are not sure about your comfort level with doing an online session, there is only one way to find out if it will work for you, and that is to do a sample session.

We recognize the discomfort potential clients have in using a computer in ways that are unfamiliar. In addition, the fears around usage extend into the lack of confidence around the work itself, and whether the client feels comfortable and safe with the therapist to do the work they are considering doing in any format.

We suggest that you ask for a demonstration session so you can see if the technology is workable for you and to see if you can develop rapport and a sense of safety with the therapist.

We offer this option to clients who want to try it out before deciding. We ask our clients to have a minimum of a phone conversation with us before setting appointments, but we can also do a follow up trials session so that you can see if this is something you want to do. Talk to us about this FREE sample session online. We are happy to introduce you to this way of working.


Learn If Online Sessions Will Work for You

If you are seriously considering doing regression work with us, we are happy to support you in deciding the best format for your needs. Schedule a phone consultation with us, and as we discuss your options, you will be able to schedule a free online Zoom assessment session so you can decide if this will work for you

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