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Current Life Regression

Learning From the Past

Regression through past events and past lives can facilitate learning and understanding. Our past journeys are held in memory and can be brought forth through hypnosis. Regression from the hypnotherapeutic perspective is the use of insight from a previous time to enhance, explain and support you in the present. Regressions can be to times within the current lifetime, to previous lifetimes, or to a time between lives that is sometimes called the Interlife. Each of these types of regressions can support differing purposes depending on the needs, interests, and intentions of the client.

Remembering events from childhood can be both enlightening and challenging.  Age regression is a fairly common form of trance work where the therapist assists the client to go back into a memory from a previous time. This may be to understand it, to change the impact of it on the client's emotional being, or any number of reasons or intentions that are set by the therapist and the client. Memories may come forward that the client hasn't had in many years but that have a significance in how they are reacting to something currently. It is possible to shift one's responses and past attachments or at least understand why something which seemed so small in the past affected us so greatly.

Age regression requires good communication skills between the therapist and client so that the work that is intended may be addressed and achieved. Sometimes, the therapist may recommend another technique instead of regression because he or she believes it to be more efficacious or might avoid awakening other issues from the past.  These decisions are suggestions by the therapist and the client always has the option to choose what he feels will work best for him.

Age regression is also used as part of the process of engaging with past lives.  The therapist supports the client to a state of relaxation and then guides them through past activities and scenes in the current life as a warm up for other forms of regression. Often the client is surprised about deep memories that they hadn't thought of in years that appear vividly during regression.

Past life regression is a technique that facilitates the client's understanding of themselves in the present life. To regress into another life, the client is led into a trance state and then follows a path through that life to learn its lessons. Past life regressions can be achieved with facilitation from a certified hypnotherapist through a number of avenues. One can set an intention for following a feeling or emotion into the past to see why it is such a strong one in this lifetime. One can investigate an issue in this lifetime to see where it appeared and how you handled it in another body, place, and time. One can move from a current situation into a past life spontaneously when the subconscious mind can see that answers to your questions lie there and not in the present lifetime. All of these and many others are options for regression.

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